• Everyone is talking about “the cloud” what is it?


Technology infrastructure Рcomputers, databases, applications Рare not on your office  premises. Instead, they reside in gigantic, secure, cutting edge data owned by some of the largest, most successful companies in the world, such as Microsoft.


  • How much do the Microsoft products cost?


Microsoft products are priced uniformly across each market and provide high quality commodity services at industry-leading price levels. The full up-to-date price list can be found on www.office365.com.
ITACET, as a Microsoft Gold Partner, builds on this basic offering by providing additional value through customised products and services at equally competitive rates.. 


  • Do I need to be a small, midsize or large enterprise to do business with ITACET?


ITACET will recommend the right mix of products and services for each of its customers, which includes considerations relating to needs, size, resources, and future plans.


  • What does an Office 365 trial entail?


ITACET will provide prospective customers with a 30-day subscription to Office Business Premium for 25 users.

The trial is completely free and carries absolutely no obligations to purchase anything at the end.

The trial users would receive a fully functional account including:


  • 50GB email mailbox
  • Unlimited OneDrive for Business file storage.
  • Use of SharePoint Online for collaboration.
  • Skype for Business unified communication.
  • Yammer enterprise social networking.
  • Desktop version of Office ProPlus with Outlook, Excel, Word and PowerPoint, installable on up to five devices for each user.



  • Can I have a different domain name if I use Microsoft cloud email?


Yes. Customers have a choice of using either a tenant domain name, such as <company name>.onmicrosoft.com or configuring a company-owned vanity domain for use with Office 365.

Initial domain configuration is included with every Office 365 subscription purchase done through ITACET.


  • If I buy Office 365 subscription, do I still have to buy licenses for my PC?


Office 365 provides productivity tools, which can also cover installation of Office ProPlus on the desktop computer. The licensing of the operating system and any other applications remain the responsibility of the customer.


  • Can I have the same email on my work PC and laptop at home, as well as my phone?


Yes. And not just email. Office 365 is designed to provide completely mobile and flexible experience. Email and files are synchronized across variety of devices and platforms, including Windows, iOS, MacOS and Android operating systems and are all available through web browsers.


  • Can I access my files wherever I travel? And how?


Yes. The built-in synchronization mechanisms maintain the most recently used email and user-selected file folders available on variety of devices, even when the user is offline. Conversely, with just an Internet connection, the user will receive a rich experience through both desktop applications and web interfaces, even if not in the office.


  • Can I share files with my colleagues and can I choose with whom to share what?


SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business integrate seamlessly with Outlook and Outlook on the Web to provide an easy-to-use platform for sharing. A user can email a link to the file and the file will be automatically permissioned to enable access for the message recipients, including real-time collaboration.