Meet The Team

BNenadic PPBojan Nenadic

CTO, Guardian of the ITACET Vision, Ski Tumbling Enthusiast

In a career spanning nearly twenty years and across four countries, Bojan consulted for over 50 clients, including financial, government, Internet start-up and charity organisations. A firm believer in the notion that the best professionals are made from both experience and formal qualifications, he achieved the highest Microsoft qualification – Microsoft Certified Architect on Exchange 2010 – shared by less than a hundred SMEs globally.

Bojan’s vision for ITACET is to combine his rich experience with the best teammates picked through the years and an absolute belief in the business value of the managed service built around Microsoft cloud offering. His professional goal is to blur the traditional lines between infrastructure and applications by maintaining focus on the business value and using agile solution delivery irrespective of the mix of technical components.

TWright PPTony Wright

Consultant, Infrastructure Fiend, Arsenal’s biggest fan

Having been in IT for over 18 years, I have been lucky to work with a number of leading organisations in multiple industries including Insurance, Media, Legal, Financial and an ISP. Strong Technical background, now focused on Infrastructure Architecture/Solution Architecture, believing that every client is different and understanding the Business and IT requirement is key to delivering the right solution.

Strong focus on family life while trying to keep fit via kickboxing, football fan who enjoys watching Arsenal when I have the time.

KNenadic PPKirsty Nenadic

Director, Finance Whip, Evangelist for Fruitless Desserts

Kirsty is a management accountant with extensive experience in the Software as a Service and particularly Digital Asset Management market. She brings to ITACET extensive knowledge of business process and is focused on ensuring each solution provided has a positive Return on Investment.

Kirsty was born in Zimbabwe (formerly Rhodesia) and is very proud of her Scottish heritage.

PMann PPPete Maan

Consultant, Power Shell Tamer, South London Alpine Expert Specialist

With over 10 years’ experience working for world renowned brands & industry leaders, cutting my teeth in smaller environments before moving on to more complex environments & Global Operations.

A PowerShell evangelist, with an emphasis on automation, whether it is translating business logic & requirements into a robust production ready solution, or just replacing mundane manual tasks with a few lines of code.

A qualified SCUBA diver (which gives me a good excuse for exotic holidays). I am also an avid follower of the Tour de France and a keen cyclist (conquering all of the South London Alps). Not the inspiration for as far as I am aware.

JHarrow PPJoe Harrow

Consultant, Microsoft Cloud Shaper, Arsenal’s Biggest Detractor

Joe is an architect with 11 years of experience in a number of Information Services technical domains including Active Directory, Messaging, Public and Private Cloud, Networking, Storage, Virtualization and Security. 

He has worked in Infrastructure and Service Delivery teams for a number of FTSE and, Fortune companies in including Chevron Valero Energy and SABMiller plc.

Joe lives in London and spends his weekends following West Ham United Football club, but don’t hold that against him.